• We are a team of developers of mobile applications for your needs in the field of IT business and gaming technologies.
  • We are located in Riga (Latvia, Europe), and our clients are located in all parts of the world.
  • Our team is qualified professionals with extensive experience in planning, reporting, error control, project development and execution in accordance with current trends and requirements of our clients.

Address: Kr. Valdemara 118-307, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 22337427
Whatsapp: +371 22337427
Telegram: +371 22337427
E-mail: ouroffice@mobileapp24.com

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  • We are a company of programmers and designers of mobile applications and work with clients all over the world.
  • We work with a community of developers from all over the world to continuously create high-quality mobile apps for our customers.
  • In the 25 years since we opened our doors, we have released more than 120 apps to more than 80 satisfied customers, but we are constantly improving.
  • Despite the fact that we are constantly engaged in application development, we spend time studying new technologies and trends in programming and design of mobile applications.
  • We are a full-scale development company and can help you with anything from a simple information application to payment systems and mobile games.

Take a short tour of our company Take a short tour of our company
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Mobile app development services
Some of the popular services that accompany or are related to mobile app development
Hybrid applications

This allows our customers to have their own apps for different platforms (iOS/iPhone/iPad, Android) without having to pay double the price.

iOS Development

iOS app development is the creation of software that only works on iPhone / iPad devices and the iOS platform.

Android Development

We can develop native Android apps in the Java, Kotlin, and C++programming languages.

Backend Development

This applies to server-side development. This is a term that is used to refer to behind-the-scenes actions that occur when performing any action in a mobile app.

PWA Development

The next evolution of the Internet will be based on progressive web applications that have a level of performance and usability almost identical to native applications.

Design, UI/UX

UI designers are concerned with the aesthetics and appeal of the app. UX designers deal with the application interface - buttons, input fields, and all the other elements that the user interacts with.

We offer our customers all the stages of launching the application by observing balance
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Marketing 0
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Industries using mobile apps
Areas of activity and business in which mobile applications help to develop
Health care

Our team can create solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals, optimizing the organization's workflow and providing better customer service.


Do you believe that digital education platforms can become a powerful tool to help teachers, students, and parents? Then you are where you need to be

GPS systems

Do you need a customized integrated GIS solution for user location detection, data mapping, proximity analysis, and/or location area analysis? Write to us


Do you do a lot of e-commerce and want a high-quality and simple mobile application with additional benefits and opportunities for your customers? We can offer you a solution


We can develop fintech applications that use algorithms to analyze finances, track, manage financial information, or simply make payments from users and e-wallets.


With the growing popularity of mobile platforms, the direction of mobile game development has become one of the most promising on the market. Due to the fact that mobile applications in their audience are many times superior to desktop counterparts.

This is how we shape and support our developments

Every project is special. For one, you can combine several stages into one to implement your plan faster and cheaper. For the other, it is advisable to go through all the stages. We will help you choose the best path. The process of creating a mobile app includes evaluation, analytics, design, development, testing, fixes, release, and post-release support.

The entire development can be broken down into parts. This allows you to release the first build as quickly as possible and move on to the next steps — quality control and testing the application on real users. The development phase ends with a phase of quality control and code review, which are aimed at identifying errors and ensuring the stability of the work.

When your application is ready and you are able to promote it, the question arises of how to place the application in the AppStore or Google Play, for greater popularization and popularity among users.


We made an affordable and easy-to-use app. The app design is excellent. The team is close-knit and easy to work with. Their advice is invaluable.


They made a conceptual contribution to the development, and their approach to management established a friendly relationship. The team clearly understands the requirements of the project and possible solutions. They are responsive and ready to cooperate, so it is easy to work with them.


Although the application has not yet yielded great results, it looks and works exactly as it should. A friendly and hard-working team, with no problems guiding the process from start to finish. Their wide range of services made the project simple and affordable.


The guys are distinguished by individual service and timely responses. Their solutions in development and design are always relevant, and their experience in the mobile industry helps to make informed business decisions. Each of the developments with them, showed excellent quality.

Showcasing our work in an exciting way has never been this easy.

Development process

Key steps to get a fast and qualified mobile app

The first meeting is the most important, it makes it clear what the client needs and the goals of the application


The birth of the app begins with sketches, sketches, interface, and design


Preparation of design, backend, choice of programming technology, writing of functionality and logic


Identify possible errors with the help of unit tests, profiling, and a team of testers, on different devices


Register in the app store, prepare the app page, pricing policy, icons, screenshots, and video review

Introduce our team

In the development of applications, many specialists from different fields of activity participate. We will introduce you only to the managers
Vladimir Vladimir



We are like one organism, they know what they need to do and what they need to achieve

Alexander Alexander


Chief Financial Officer

The investments made by the client require efficient distribution

Anton Anton


Chief Developer

It is good when development and programming is a hobby and a job

Vladislava Vladislava


Project Manager

It is important that our work is profitable for the client

Anastasia Anastasia


UX Designer

Managing people through a user interface, similar to programming or hypnosis

Arthur Arthur


Graphic Designer

Artists are born, designers become. We can combine one with the other

Some of our technologies
We use modern and efficient technologies

Multi-platform technology for Android and iOS


Multi-platform technology


V8 Software Platform


The programming language in iOS


The programming language in iOS


Android Programming Language


Android Programming Language

React Native

Multi-platform technology for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP


Leading platform for working with interactive content, Games, 2D/3D


mobile app

The most popular tool for business development. Minimal competition, maximum reach, feedback, and more
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